Why has our Border Collie stopped eating her food?

Why has our Border Collie stopped eating her food?

Why has our Border Collie stopped eating her food?

April 7th, 2010 Posted by admin 3 Comments

My girlfriend and I have a 2 yo Border Collie. About 3 months ago, we switched foods. We went from feeding her the Maxxium Nutrition brand food which was lamb flavored, to feeding her the Authority Harvest Baked lamb flavored food. After the switch, our dog went crazy over the food!!! She devoured each bite every time we fed her. The new food gave a great boost in energy and she looked much more healthy overall as well. Well, the bag was running low so we went and bought some more. Suddenly she stopped eating. We discovered that she had a tapeworm at the end of last week. Since she was due for her yearly shots and since she needed to be fixed anyway, we took her to the vet yesterday. We took a bag of food to the vet. I picked her today, and after getting her in the car, I went back to talk with one of her caregivers. I asked how she ate, and the lady said she had fed her the wrong food but that she loved the stuff but wouldn’t eat her own food when it was given to her. What gives?!?

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shes got a cat stuck in her tummy.

Just a picky eater…you can try different brands and see what she likes, or be like some old fashioned parents..leave the food out for her with the theory that when she’s hungry, she’ll eat!

i agree with the above poster. a healthy dog will not starve herself. the different food she got was just that, different, which was probably why she was excited about it. just like when you switched her last time. she just needs to learn to eat what she is given. if the kibble you have her on has improved her energy and appearance then it must be good stuff. my suggestion is offer her a meal, give her 20 minutes to eat it and then take it away. do this at her regular meal times. if you and your vet are confident she is healthy, then don’t worry, and healthy dog will not starve itself for the sake of being picky! if she refuses for more than a day or two, then i’d contact the vet again to rule out a problem. also, did you say she was just spayed? that would definitely affect her appetite!

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